What Our Clients Are Saying

They worked hard and accomplished the goal we outlined from day one. 
— Peter Stavisky, CEO, Barrington Media Group

Our company hired the law firm of Matthew Dallas Gordon when our reputation was damaged by a competitor who made false and defamatory posts and articles online about us in an effort to hurt our reputation. It took several months of persistent efforts with two court appearances including a formal court hearing but in the end we prevailed with a court order and ruling in our favor. Nicholas Ouellette took the lead in our court appearances. Nick was well prepared for the hearings and presented our case well to the court. I would not hesitate to consider Matt and Nick for your legal needs if they feel they are the right team for your case. They worked hard and accomplished the goal we outlined from day one. 

I was referred to Matt by a dear friend of mine in connection with an important legal matter. My friend contacted Matt on a Sunday and on Monday I called him thinking he would want me to schedule an appointment. To my surprise, Matt listened to my whole situation on the phone and within a day he was working on my case. To me that was amazing. There was never a time that I called or emailed Matt on a matter when he did not get back to me within a very short period of time, most times instantaneously. What more could a client ask for? Matt and Nick were both very sympathetic to my feelings and emotions surrounding my legal issue and it meant so much to know that they were there for me not only on a professional level but on a personal one as well. Matt and Nick maintained a professional and calm approach with the opposing side and obtained great results. My case was not only dismissed but my file was destroyed within less than two weeks. Not once did we have to enter a court room. Now tell me what kind of attorneys can make that happen?  Matt and Nick!  I would recommend this firm to anyone looking for dedicated, hard working, and personable lawyers that they can trust with their life.

- Lindsey C.

Matt Gordon and Nick Ouellette recently came to my Law and the Justice System class at the University of Hartford to make a presentation on civil litigation. Matt and Nick, together with Attorney Ted Morris, Associate General Counsel of Stanley Black & Decker, gave a concise and riveting presentation on trial practice, the role of expert witnesses, and effective cross examination. The students loved it! They were impressed by the high level of professionalism and the care and concern that was demonstrated for the client and the process.  

- Leslie Smith, Professor at The University of Hartford

I have known Matt Gordon for three years as a client, vendor, and a peer.  At each level, Matt has proved to be a man of respect, integrity and most important true to his word.  Matt's approach is relationship based, never transactional, which allows for personal individual attention.  He takes full responsibility for the outcome.

- Maria Keiser, The Entrepreneur Circle

I greatly appreciated the professionalism and compassion shown by you and your staff.  Your firm strove to avoid unnecessary expenses by advising me when to pursue - or not pursue - actions.  Your fees were more than fair.  I would not hesitate to recommend your firm.  
— Jay Lapidus

After being hit by a car while cycling and having the driver lie about what happened, I knew I would need a lawyer to defend me.  Not having any experience in law, I asked for a recommendation, and that was how Matthew Gordon came to represent me.   The accident was not easy; I broke my right wrist, lower arm, upper arm, and three fingers.  Getting healthy was my main concern - I did not want to worry about having money to pay for operations or my recovery.  This was how I was most impressed with Matt; he was able to carry out his work with relatively minimal input from me.  While I was recovering, he was fighting; Matt was able to work around my schedule and allow me to recover and live as normally as possible while he represented me.   Matt's meticulous care was also impressive.  He thoroughly researched the police reports, documented my injuries and recollection of the accident, researched available insurance coverage and other means in order to determine best course of action for receiving compensation and reimbursement for my injuries.  He kept track of my needs and answered my questions in a timely fashion.  Furthermore, even after he procured the settlement, he continued working for me to achieve the maximum amount of money for me by contacting insurance companies to lower the lien on my medicdal bills and by obtaining additional payment for my ripped clothes and damaged bike.  These actions provided no further monetary benefit to him.   I am most impressed with how Matt protected me from the legal process; I often was slow at responding, yet he worked diligently behind the scenes, and made everything come together.   Finally, when I met Matt face to face, months after I became his client, I was pleased to find that he was personable, kind, and in no way how I imagined a lawyer.  I thoroughly enjoyed our lunch and am going to accept his invitation to tour his West Hartford office.   If you want a good, hard working lawyer, look no further than Matt Gordon.  

- Brendan McEntee