Kurien Ouellette LLC supports West Hartford Chamber of Commerce

Kurien Ouellette LLC is active in West Hartford business affairs and has been a longstanding supporter of the West Hartford Chamber of Commerce. Here, attorneys Jeffrey Brine and Carlton Chen join Mayor Shari Cantor just prior to her delivery of the 2019 State of the Town speech.

2019 State of the Town.jpg

Jeff is currently serving as the Chamber’s Legal Counsel and is a member of the Chamber's Board of Directors and its Executive Committee, and previously served as a Chamber Ambassador. Carlton previously served as the Chamber's First Vice Chairman, its Second Vice Chairman, a Board member, and the Chairman of its Manufacturers Roundtable.

Nicholas Ouellette sworn in at U.S. Supreme Court

On May 21, 2018, Attorney Ouellette was admitted to the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States. 

Nicholas joined 32 other lawyers in the Connecticut Bar Association in traveling to Washington D.C. to be sworn in as members of the Bar. They had the privilege of hearing the delivery of the decision in Epic Systems Corp. v Lewis, which 5-4 decision disrupted protections previously afforded unionized employees. Justice Neil Gorsuch read the majority opinion, and Justice Ruth Ginsberg read a blistering dissent while wearing her famous dissent "jabot."

After the ceremony, Justice Ginsberg met with the CBA, sitting for photographs and then answering questions. Afterwards, the CBA attendees lunched at a nearby hotel, and Sam Simon, general counsel for Senator Richard Blumenthal, spoke to the group about using the law to effectuate change and to defend the rule of law.


Carlton Chen and Jeffrey Brine on Tax Reform and Charitable Contributions

tax event 2018.jpg

Carlton Chen and Jeffrey Brine recently attended a tax forum in Cromwell, Connecticut, to discuss the impact of the 2017 Federal Tax Reform laws.

Both were captured in a photograph taken by the Hartford Business Journal and featured in an article on the potential "chilling effect" of the new federal tax reform laws. 

If you cannot deduct charitable contributions because you don’t reach the $24,000 threshold, you might decide not to donate or not to donate as much as you have in the past.
— Carlton S. Chen

The impact of the tax reform laws will continue to affect individuals and businesses over the next few years, and our professionals are committed to helping guide our clients through these legal developments.

For more information, please visit the original Hartford Business Journal article

Sam Rosengren joins Kurien Ouellette LLC


In August 2017, Samuel N. Rosengren joined Kurien Ouellette LLC. Sam graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Law with High Honors in 2016, where he was also Managing Editor of the Connecticut Law Review and a University of Connecticut Scholar.

Prior to joining the firm, Sam clerked for the Honorable Christine E. Keller of the Connecticut Appellate Court.

We welcome Sam as a colleague and friend!

Founding member Matt Gordon has been Confirmed as a Connecticut Superior Court Judge!

The founding member of our law firm, Matthew D. Gordon, has been confirmed as a judge for the Superior Court in Connecticut. We are incredibly proud of his accomplishments, and wish him continued success in his new role as a judge! 

Matt learned that he was confirmed while at lunch with the members of our firm. In an impromptu ceremony, the Honorable James Tancredi administered the oath of office to the newly-minted Honorable Matthew D. Gordon, with an assist from Attorney Nicholas N. Ouellette. 


Effective immediately, our firm will be known as Kurien Ouellette LLC.

We're excited about the new phase in this firm's history, and will continue with his mission of providing exemplary legal services to our clients and to the community.

We appreciate your continued support during this transition!

Nicholas Ouellette assists local charity to achieve non-profit status

As a dog owner and resident of Canton, I am enthusiastic about the mission of this organization, and very happy to be part of this initiative
— Nicholas Ouellette

Nicholas Ouellette provided pro bono legal services in order to help the Friends of Canton Dog Park organize and then achieve non profit status under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

We are very proud of the Friends of Canton Dog Park, and wish them continued success in the future!